Here’s one of my winning Gong Show acts. Playing the guitar is James Lashly, and playing the hand is me. I wrote the song with my first comedy partner, Steve Mayfield. James and I performed this ditty during our days as founding members of The Groundlings, an improv troup in Los Angeles.
I had the honor of serving as the first TV spokesperson for The Best Buy Company back when they only had seven stores. This commercial aired annually starting in the early 1980’s for their Tornado Madness Sales-playing off the actual event of a tornado touching down and damaging one of their stores.
Newsreel was a weekly comedy news segment on the ABC affiliate in Duluth, Mn. In this one Canal Park Drive Inn is invaded by Gasman.
Newsreel was a comedy news segment that aired weekly on the ABC affiliate in Duluth, Mn. This one features the Unknown Reporter attempting to interview Governor Qui.
This act was a winner on The Gong Show and was created and performed in The Groundlings comedy troupe. The original players in The Groundlings shows were me, Jim Lashly, Jim Smith, and Rosemary Barger Bandes. Substituting for Rosemary in this Gong Show appearance is Jed Mills.
This Gong Show novelty act was originally peformed by Jim Lashly and myself in The Groundlings comedy troupe. Our characters in this are Walter and Eugene Nenartowich from the Polish National Circus, and we play the Liechtensteiner Polka on our bodies.
Remember when you were little and the most exciting thing in the world was when Dad scooped poops from the back yard?